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Chrissie C Jewellery Collections


Chrissie C Jewellery Collections


Chrissie C has a passion for jewellery and as a musician playing saxophone she started her first collection "Music Jewellery Online" in 2014.  Featuring a range of music themed jewellery and gifts, this is a great way to share your musical passion and we now send   orders around the world and love sharing  exciting new designs with our musicians and music lovers!






In 2017, Wow Jewellery was created.

Our "WOW" website features a collection of  "Non Music" but edgy designs for those    who love who love "Statement" and unusual jewellery.   

Chrissie C loves skull pieces, so you will find an interesting range of skull bracelets       which are "crafted to order".

You can choose your design, your leather and your size for the ultimate bespoke and personal bracelet!  All at affordable prices!



Welcome aboard the "Chrissie C" jewellery collection.  Join us on our journey of an exhilerating, informative and inspiring experience.  Remember emotional minds matter, and "You" matter to us....