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EWE Counsellor & Life Coach


We hope you will find some informative and helpful guidance from  Charlotte and we know you are going to embrace her contributions to the EWE website. 

As well as qualifying as a psychotherapist &  hypnotherapist, Charlotte  explored the spiritual side of  life to find her "life  purpose" which the EWE  team find so  interesting.

She was curious to explore and understand a persons own  spiritual connection after emptying themselves of  (what we like to call) the "human  stuff", which keeps us stuck, haunts us and/or stops us from moving forward and  reaching our potential and finding true happiness and peace.


Charlotte  works with hypnotherapy as her vehicle to relax people  and help them feel safe and secure to reach and explore their  "blockages" and combine this with the tools of psychotherapy to  resolve and diminish those blockages and to finally help people move on in the best way for them, leaving the pathway also clear for spiritual development.

You will find out more about Charlotte's work here...