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12.9.19.  "NEVER GIVE UP"....Paul Marley.

This poignant powerful message came in originally anonymously but then a second message -   "Hell no I’m not ashamed time to be counted"....We are privileged to share this post.




How many friends have I lost to suicide?...At least 4 and all of them good kind decent men 

How many of us will admit we have looked over the edge, but have been saved by a the thought or words of a loved one or friends

You don’t have to be sad, you may have just lost the will or reason to carry on.

My mantra - Never give up!

Do I speak from personal experience? 
Yes and I know many people who have looked over the edge or even jumped and were saved 
But most will never admit it for fear of what others may think of them, like somehow you are tainted 
Now that is truly sad !


1.7.19..  "FREE TO BE ME"....I'm holding the reigns, no one else...I had lost me, my identity, my worth because I tried to please others before me.............Lesley H