Meet the EWE Team

Chrissie - Owner and Founder

Name: Chrissie C 

Position: Founder & Creative One!

My EWE Mantra: "This too shall pass", which resonated me when i recall grappling with a huge pile of probate paperwork.  Whilst the task seemed daunting and never ending, I did realise it would end and life would change....

I love inspirational quotes and try to absorb the power of them...

My Hobbies: Saxophone, I have played professionally for many decades around the world,  socialising - A wee wine with friends is always uplifting!, Creating new designs - I am often working in the twilight hours when an idea comes to mind!

My Passion: Sports Cars and Anything Fast with an adrenalin rush!  I have many guilty pleasures and this is one of them!

Personal Advice…Life is full of kicks and knockbacks.  Try to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start again.  The most important thing in life is to have "passion" in anything you do. 








My favourite quote is: "Without Passion you don't have energy, without energy you have nothing"  - Donald Trump

I firmly believe that we flourish in whatever we do only by our passion for what we do.

Never ever lose that passion and if you do, its time to close that chapter and open a new chapter in your journey.




Where do I see EWE Jewellery going?   I aim to encourage as many people as i can to embrace who they are and accept who they are.  I simply love seeing people happy and gaining strength and courage on their challenging journey - Life is definitely a personal journey, not a competition!  I am looking forward to helping our chosen charities and working closely with them. I am sure we will embrace new friends from our project.  Our jewellery is a personal reminder of how far you have come and we want this to inspire you every moment of every day.




Ray - Customer Services & Marketing

 Name: Ray Davies

 Position: Customer Services, Mail Distribution, Client Liasion, and making dreadful cups of coffee!

 My EWE Mantra: "My Story isn't over yet"...Despite travelling   extensively around the world as a musician and having enjoyed   global success, I feel that there are still unwritten chapters in my life to   write. I am embracing the rest of my journey.

 My Hobbies: Bass Guitar, Vocals, song writing, sport, (drives Chrissie   C mad!) current affairs, Property & Travel.

 My Passion: Previously it was owning many sports cars, my favourite   being the Lotus!  Now it is helping younger people to enjoy music and   encourage the growth and progress in their musical careers. Let's not   forget my renowned collection of bright shirts!







Personal Advice: Be Positive and never stop believing in yourself! Anything is possible with hard work and determination.

Where do I see EWE Jewellery going?: I see us going from strength to strength as we help and support people with their personal issues. I am keen to expand our charity work across multiple spectrums.